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Advanced Code Generator From XML Schemas

Integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio as extension


Generate your code from XSD



Xsd2code++ allows matching an XML document to a set of C# or Vb classes and vice versa operations through serialization / deserialization. Integrated directly into Microsoft Visual Studio, xsd2code++ is a true productivity tool. It allows developers to generate all classes from an XML, XSD or JSON document

Versions supported

(Pro, Ent) 2017, 2015, 2013, 2012, 2010 & command line

Frameworks supported

.Net 2.0, 4.6x, Net Code 2.0, .Net Standard, Xamarin

Supported languages

100% native .Net C #, VB

XML & JSON serialization

Generates the code to transform your objects into either XML or JSON

Customizable Code

Many reusable code generation options

Royalty Free

The generated code is redistributable without royalty

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Version :, Size : 3,7 Mb, Release Date : June, 2017

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real productivity tool, save time with the 1-click generation classes feature

100% compliant


Classes match 100% to the expected XML or JSON structure



Offer your developments the ability to update the generated code as many times as necessary